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Corpse Husband Opens Up on His Popularity!

Leading a total of over 7 million subscribers on one of the most popular online video platforms, Corpse husband has been one of the fastest growing content creators in the entire world.

But it was not like that at first; he started out slowly by narrating different stories using his iconic and deep voice. Corpse has never revealed his face in front of the camera, which has made his actual identity a real mystery among his fans around the globe.

Who is Corpse?

Corpse slowly started to get the recognition he deserved when he participated in playing InnerSloth's award-winning multiplayer game (Among Us in short). He made different videos and collaborated with the likes of big shots like Pewdiepie, Disguised Toast, and Pokimane.

Soon, people started to notice Corpse as he made a big name for himself due to his deep and unique voice. So much that people watching Among Us began to fall in love with his persona. He has never shown his original face in public, but the mystery helps attract fans of online horror from various subreddits like r/nosleep and r/LetsNotMeet, where people post first-person narrative scary stories.

One of the famous YouTubers, Anthony Padilla, had interviewed corpse husband back in March 2020 with several other faceless content creators like Corpse, and as expected, the interview was a massive hit for Anthony and Corpse. Fans loved it and cherished the perspectives shown by their favorite idols.

Corpse Husband also makes music. His most famous (and NSFW) song, "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE," has a bit over 11 million views on YouTube as of now and has gained exceptionally high loyal traction on sites like TikTok. Corpse Husband's voice has also become something of a meme on the platform.

However, now that Corpse Husband has become one of the biggest names on YouTube by himself. Anthony decided to interview Corpse yet again. Unlike before, they mainly talked about Corpse Husband's in-life after getting popular. With questions like how he manages all the fame? or what effects has it caused on his life in general?


Corpse and His Identity

As expected, Corpse explained how keeping his identity secret has become very hard for him ever since he got famous and when specifically asked for the amount of fame he's received in the past few months of his life. Corpse Husband was very quick to identify the several pros and cons he found in being famous.

While everyone thinks getting famous is just all goods, they should remember that there are always two sides to a coin. In Corpse's case, he certainly blew up pretty quick and nicely, but that hindered his growth in learning to deal with everything, especially haters.

Corpse has uploaded very sporadically in the past five years, but the majority of his fans have stayed loyal throughout those months-long breaks that he takes for his poor mental and physical health.

It is pretty common to hear about fake Corpse identity reveals here and there. However, the terrifying aspect is the fan arts that resemble him very closely. While his real fans around the world admire and adore his persona and have never demanded or compelled him to reveal his real face and everything, haters make sure to criticize him unnecessarily on every opportunity possible.


Corpse Husband About His Health

Due to all this, Corpse husband looked back on the tweet he posted in order to expose how toxic the mindset of these haters can get. As expected, his breathing once again broke the internet and ended up becoming the news of the day. This blank tweet with the sound of his breathing has made fangirls and even fanboys fall in love with him and immediately went viral receiving 4.0 million views as of yet. It is pretty hard to imagine that a mere three second tweet can have this big of an impact.

He then opened up on catering to the expectation of his fans that range in millions as of now and said:

"Imagine, like the worst physical shape you've ever been in your life, and also having millions of people expecting you to look the best you've ever looked in your life."

The Part People Don't Talk About

Due to these specific incidents, Corpse Husband has stopped talking publicly as well as on the phone with unknown people. Naturally, this is quite unfortunate and sad. In entirety, this has affected his social interactions with his family and friends as well.

It is pretty sad to think how hate can drive people to be this toxic and unwelcoming to someone that has not harmed them in any way and is just working honestly for his own self and family.

In the case of Corpse husband, he has admitted cutting his face with razor blades many times before going live. White the thousands and millions of fans always receive his streaming mode often not notice such things and how a person is going through life. Relating money and fame with happiness is very easy until you actually experience it.

It is not like this is the first time this has happened either. Many Content Creators struggle with their mental and physical health while having to face numerous amounts of haters and their hate.

"How many celebrity suicides and artist suicides is it going to take for people to be like, you know it happens and all the hate comments and s**t like that, like we're people!"

All in all, It won't be an overstatement to say that Corpse husband has been one of the most influential artists at the current moment in YouTube and other streaming sites. Not only does he speak his mind off about mental health and its importance, but he also encourages others to actively put their best to end this stigma around mental health.

As his devoted fans, we should look to support and help him while making sure that the help we are providing is actually benefitting him in his fight against his mental and physical condition.

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